The Future Is Safe In Our Hands


The Future Is Safe In Our Hands

Highly recyclable and energy efficient, windows and doors by Deceuninck are making the UK’s homes warmer and more sustainable.


Altogether greener windows and doors

We’re committed to being part of the solution to climate change, making UK homes warmer and more energy efficient by developing products which perform better through-life, that are made more sustainably, and which are easier to recycle at the end of life. It’s about the circular economy.

Measurable and clear targets – not greenwash

We’ve signed up to Science Based Targets, the corporate climate action programme. It’s important because it means that we’ve made a commitment to meaningful change in the way that we work and to measure what we’re doing.
It’s evidence-led, based on the latest climate science, and what we need to do together, to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

Our journey to net zero

We’re working hard to be more sustainable. This starts with the commitment that we’ve made to Science Based Targets.
Our baseline is the carbon we created in 2021. The total figure for all of our global activities was 552,000 tCO2.
From this starting point, we made the following commitments in summer 2022:

Cut Emissions

To cut CO2 emissions from our operations (Scope 1&2 emissions) by 60% by 2030

Lower Emissions

To lower emissions from our supply chain (Scope 3) by 48% per tonne by 2030

Achieve Nat-Zero

Achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

It’s an ambitious commitment. To put it into context, allowing for future growth we need to cut our CO2 per tonne of product produced by 75% just to hit our 2030 Scope 1 and 2 targets, a pledge that we’ve made that goes far beyond the SBTi minimum target of 42%.

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How we’re lowering our carbon footprint

We’re working to deliver a collective step-change in the impact our operations have on the environment.

We have developed a ‘Conscious Production Process’, which includes commitments to minimise use of energy and water use in manufacture; source renewable energy, reduce waste streams and source raw materials responsibly.

This includes manufacture to ISO14001; ISO9001; ISO5001 and EUCertPlas. We are also active members of VinylPlus and EPPA.

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The leader in PVC-U recycling

While we’re doing lots of different things to lower our carbon emissions, including sourcing renewable energy and investing in solar, our state-of-the-art recycling facility plays a massive part in what we’re doing.

Opened in 2017, we can reprocess up to 45,000 tonnes of post-consumer and post-manufacturing PVC-U per year. That’s the potential to stop more than three million old windows and doors going to landfill annually.

It also delivers big CO2 savings. Using recycled PVC-U in windows and doors delivers a 90,000 tonne CO2 saving compared to virgin feedstocks. It also lowers energy usage by 90%.

Closing the loop

Our recycling capability means that our main profiles can include up to 50% recycled material. This is manufactured using leading edge co-extrusion technologies, which isolate recycled content in areas away from the surface of the product, guaranteeing finish and performance. Critically, we are using this material in high value uses, genuinely closing the loop on the material life cycle. This includes our 100% recycled window, Phoenix.

Did you know?

90% of all the materials that we use in manufacture can be and are being recycled, while we continue to invest in developing new technologies that will allow us to recover and recycle the final 10%

As a building material PVC-U has an A+ Building Research Establishment (BRE) Green Guide Rating.
One tonne of recycled PVC-U avoids two to three tonnes of CO2e emissions.

PVC-U can be recycled up to 10 times without losing performance. With an average product lifecycle of 30-years, the original PVC-U used in a window could still be in use in 300 years’ time!

Making the UK’s homes warmer

As part of our commitment to the circular economy, we’re turning old PVC-U windows into new, even more energy efficient ones.

Our next generation window and doors systems use less carbon in manufacture and deliver higher levels of performance through-life. This includes PassivHaus standards of performance.

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Be part of the solution to climate change

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Closing the loop

Our recycling capability means that our main profiles can include up to 50% recycled material. New windows and doors can deliver big carbon savings. This includes up to 85,684kg over a 30-year average product lifetime*. It also means big energy bill savings for homeowners. These could be as high as £98,000 over a 30- year period based on current energy prices.

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Introducing Elegant

Elegant our new system combines contemporary and minimalist design with next generation performance and u-values of as low as 0.8W/m2k.

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