Best in Class

The Deceuninck difference

Over the last three years, Deceuninck has made huge investments in research and product development to come up with real show-stoppers, and design some products from scratch. We’re obsessive about quality and detail and we’re not satisfied with passable products that match the competition – we want to blow competitors’ products out of the water! It has become our guiding principle, and we’ve made it our official policy to make windows and doors that are best-in-class for thermal and weather performance, security, durability and looks. We’re using #BestInClass on social media, because best-in-class drives everything we do.

Giving our fabricators the sharpest competitive edge

Patio doors are seen as commodity items. Deceuninck’s old patio door did the job but was nothing to shout about. So we set a tough design brief: a patio door with the best weather, energy and security performance that’s easy to fabricate and install. With stunning looks of course. We wanted to bowl over the competition – and we did! Slider24 achieves Class A4 air permeability with a rating of 600Pa, Class E8A water permeability with a rating of 450Pa and Class A3 wind resistance with a rating of 1200Pa.

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Our new Fully Reversible Window (FRW) also sets new standards in its field, with PAS24 for security and 1050Pa water tightness, 600Pa air permeability and 2400Pa wind loading. It achieves a 1.2 U-value double glazed and a 0.8 U-value triple glazed using Deceuninck’s patented BlueForce steel wire-foam technology. With up to 1.4m x 1.4m maximum size and an 80kg weight limit, our FRW is suited to tall buildings and tower blocks to give commercial fabricators a strong sales advantage. Customers call it a tender breaker and margin maker!

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Deceuninck’s new Heritage Flush Sash was our star of the FIT Show. Its beautiful looks transform old and new properties from modern townhouses to country cottages, and it suites with our pretty Heritage 2800 range. The Heritage Flush Sash is outstanding across the board: stunning looks with superb energy performance, security and durability. The results speak for themselves: 1.2 U-value, PAS24 for security, 600Pa air permeability, 300Pa water tightness and 2000Pa wind resistance.

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Making it easy to sell colour

Express service

Heritage Colour collection


If fabricators can’t sell colour as they sell white, with the same lead time as white, they’ll never be as competitive as rivals whose systems company keeps a huge range of colours in stock.

Colour gives our customers a sharper edge. They sell 50% more colour than their competitors. We’ve extended our colour range to 30+ colourways from stock, including matching trims, cills, end caps and ancillaries, for our windows and doors. That’s colour in stock for our Heritage Window Collection. Selling colour is easier for Deceuninck customers because colour is available on the same lead time as white. So there’s no uncertainty, delays or disappointment and no need to order in bulk. Customers can order a single length of colour profile if they want, and for their next delivery. Now that’s what customers call best-in-class service.

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