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Energy Saving Windows & Doors with Deceuninck

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At Deceuninck, our energy saving windows and doors are at the forefront of sustainability. Find your nearest fabricator today, and discover how energy efficiency can transform a home.

Benefits of Modern Double Glazing
Compared to single glazing and even older double glazing, our uPVC windows and doors use modern double glazing and manufacturing techniques to make the most of their thermal efficiency potential.

Energy Saving Potential
Our energy saving windows and doors are designed from the ground up to retain as much heat as possible. Even in the coldest months in the UK, our traditional uPVC windows can keep homeowners warm and cosy without having to turn up the heating or turn on the fireplace. As energy bills have skyrocketed over the past few years, many homeowners throughout the UK are on the lookout for ways to save. By upgrading their home to more efficient windows and doors, they can see long-term savings in their energy bills while enjoying a more comfortable home.

Excellent Security
Many of our uPVC windows and doors are PAS24 certified and undergo in-depth testing to ensure that they can provide reliable security and safety against unwanted intrusion and harsh weather conditions. Compared to single pane glazing, double glazing can also be much harder to get through with force due to the thicker glass. Additionally, the robust energy saving and long lasting uPVC frames can resist prying, cracking, or warping. While timber can eventually lose its integrity over the years and chip or split, uPVC is a durable plastic that can last for upwards of 20 years before showing signs of deterioration.

Sound Insulation
Another key advantage of our energy saving windows and doors is that their thick double glazing can muffle sounds much better than older timber windows. Just like how double glazed windows trap heat, sound too is reduced. Homeowners can enjoy a warm and quiet interior free from the loud noises of the outside world.

Our Sustainability Pledge
Deceuninck is proud to be leading the way in sustainable window and door manufacturing. We’ve already taken the fight against climate change directly with our highly efficient A+-rated windows and doors. Beyond helping homeowners enhance their energy saving potential, we’ve also taken great strides in our journey to net zero. We’ve signed up for Science Based Targets, the corporate climate action programme, to ensure that we remain on track with tangible targets and goals.

In 2017, we opened our state-of-the-art PVC recycling facility. With this facility, we are capable of processing upwards of 45,000 tonnes of post-consumer and post-manufacturing PVC-U per year.

The Deceuninck Range
The Deceuninck uPVC window and door range includes the traditional 2500 and 2800 chamfered and sculptured windows, the Slider24 and Slider24+ patio doors, traditional French doors, and our heritage flush doors. As well as flush versions of the 2500 and 2800 systems. Each system offers incredible thermal efficiency and energy saving potential, while also being available in an unbeatable colour range from stock.

See the energy saving capabilities of new double glazed windows for yourself with our free to use energy savings calculator. The numbers don’t lie, and the calculations can be made more accurate thanks to its ability to be tailored to all sorts of homes and heating systems.

Find Your Fabricator
Find your nearest Deceuninck window and door fabricator today, and start upgrading homes with our highly efficient uPVC products. Learn more about our products and services by calling us at +44 1249 816 969 and one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.