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Deceuninck’s Guide to Windows

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Deceuninck has a wide range of highly efficient, secure, and customisable windows available across the UK. Our extensive list of fabricators and product installers means that it’s easy to get our windows for any kind of home. 

With this guide to our windows, you can learn all about the variety of profiles we have available and the benefits that they can provide. Read on to discover them, or find your local fabricator now to start getting our windows for your customers.

Flush Windows

A flush window differs from your typical casement as it has openers that sit flush within the frame, replicating the appearance of traditional timber. Our flush windows can be an excellent modern replacement window for older properties thanks to their ability to combine heritage style with incredible performance. 

They are available with an unrivalled variety of woodgrains and popular colours, meaning they can maintain the outward appearance of timber despite being made from our quality uPVC.

2500 Chamfered Windows

The 2500 chamfered windows from Deceuninck can add a stylish and elegant look to any property, new or old. Unlike the flush windows, this model has outward opening sashes that stand proud of the face of the window frame and have a sharp yet subtle appearance. 

A range of hardware accessories are available for all our chamfered, flush, and sculptured windows, including a variety of handles and glass options. We have teardrop, monkey tails, and connoisseur handles so that you can provide windows that blend in with a homeowner’s existing aesthetic with ease. 

2800 Sculptured Windows

Just like the 2500 chamfered windows, our 2800 sculptured windows offer incredible performance in an extensive list of colour schemes and hardware customisation options. The primary difference between the two profiles is that they have different shapes. The chamfered profile is subtly sharp and straight, meanwhile, the sculptured designs are gently curved for a softer heritage appearance.

Colour Collection

No matter which you pick, our windows are number one for colour. As the demand for uniquely coloured windows has risen, Deceuninck has paved the way with a huge number of colourways available from stock. From stock means whatever Deceuninck fabricators order, whether it’s a stillage or a single length of profile, it will be with them on their next delivery across our full Heritage Window Collection. 

Within the Heritage Colour Collection, we have over 30 colourways from stock for our flush windows, 2500 chamfered windows, 2500 sculptured windows, and our patio doors! We can ensure that you always have the right colour for your customers. 

Each of our colourways and woodgrains is designed to be robust and fade resistant. Even after years of exposure, Deceuninck windows can continue to look their best without the need for any high maintenance techniques. The homes you enhance with our coloured windows can remain vibrant and fresh with only a rare cleaning with a cloth and soapy water. 

Modern Window Security

One of the most important features of any window system is the security that it can provide a property. At Deceuninck, we’re at the forefront of safety and security with our windows and work diligently to ensure that our home improvement products meet modern standards and requirements.

Our flush windows, for example, are PAS 24 approved and come with multi-point locking mechanisms. The thick double or triple glazing is not only energy efficient but also helps to improve the security of a home further by being capable of withstanding heavier blows. 

Energy Efficient Windows

Our windows come with the option of double or triple glazing to best suit your needs. Whichever window you choose from our range, you can expect optimal thermal efficiency. Compared to other window materials like timber or aluminium, the uPVC we use is capable of retaining heat thanks to the intelligently crafted hidden chambers and insulating materials. 

With the cost of living continuing to rise alongside energy bills, improving the energy efficiency of a property has become more important than ever. Our highly insulated double or triple glazing can reach an A++ energy rating for our flush, sculptured, and chamfered windows. This energy rating means that any property can see an enhancement in its energy saving capabilities. A more efficient home means that homeowners can stay warm without consuming as much energy, potentially leading to reduced energy bills and a greener carbon footprint.

How Much Do Deceuninck Windows Cost?

There are many factors that can change the price of Deceuninck windows, such as the number of windows needed, their size and overall dimensions, the colourways, and optional authenticity features like dummy peg stays or triple glazing.

Upgrade your marketing with our Deceuninck Business Kit, and showcase to your customers how much they could save with tools like the energy savings calculator, or let them visualise their dream home via the product configurator.

The easiest way to get a price for any of our windows or doors is to find your local Deceuninck fabricator and get in touch with them for a quote. Many of our fabricators have the capability to let you get an online quote via an easy-to-use tool or contact form so that you can speak directly with them. You can call us directly at 01249 816 969 if you have any more questions about our range of windows.