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Deceuninck unveils ultra – energy efficient new systems offer

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Deceuninck has launched its new Elegant window and door system, which has been engineered to maximise thermal performance and design reach, at the same time as minimising stock-holding.

Unveiled to the UK media during a visit to the systems’ leader’s state-of-the-art recycling facility, Elegant is built around i-COR, a modular ultra-energy efficient outer frame, which is available in three different frame depths, a standard 76mm system, plus 84mm and 115mm options.

Each frame is compatible with five different sashes including Elegant Abstract, a sleek minimalist flush sash option and ThermoFibra Infinity, Deceuninck’s ground-breaking glass-fibre reinforced sash, which has a rebate of only 7mm, while achieving u-values of as low as 0.88W/m2K.

Rob McGlennon, Managing Director, Deceuninck, said that Elegant represented a step change in window and door performance but also manufacture.

“Our standard offer is the 76mm frame.

“If you took that in isolation and disregarded the 84mm and 115mm frames you can manufacture five different windows including what we believe will be a very popular flush sash option, Elegant Abstract.

“You don’t have to hold masses of stock. Production is easier because outer frame dimensions don’t change, so it’s less complicated to cut, mill or rout, also saving time, and the u-values are incredible”, Rob explained.

In addition to the Flush Elegant Abstract and ThermoFibra Infinity, Elegant is also available in Infinity, which features a subtle transition between the frame and sash; Elegant Origin which has a classic detailing; and the more pronounced square chamfered, Elegant Grando.
ThermoFibra Infinity employs Deceuninck’s patented ThermoFibra glass fibre reinforcement system eliminating steel from the sash.

It combines this with Forthex, Deceuninck’s extruded insulated thermal reinforcement, which maximises design potential without the need for traditional steel reinforcement using embedded steel wires in a low-density insulating foam core.

As strong as steel reinforced windows but 30% more thermally efficient with 40% savings on materials and weight ThermoFibra and Forthex are also 100% recyclable.

Rob continued: “Elegant moves PVC-U into a different space, through the way that it is made; and through the through-life performance and the high-end architectural aesthetic that it delivers.

“Elegant shifts the conversation from a discussion limited to one about PVC-U and aluminium, to one about next generation, premium low maintenance and energy efficient composite windows and doors.”

Elegant also uses recycled material in manufacture, something which sits as part of Deceuninck’s ambitious sustainability strategy.

This includes a commitment to cut the CO2 emissions from its own operations (Scope 1&2) by 60% by 2030 from a 2021 baseline, as part of the Science Based Targets programme.

Something it is working to achieve in part through the €15million investment it has made in one of the world’s most advanced recycling and compounding facilities.

With the capacity to reprocess up to 45,000 tonnes of post-consumer and post-manufacturing PVC-U per year it gives Deceuninck capacity to prevent more than three million windows from going to landfill annually.

Rob continued: “There is a powerful sustainability story which underpins Elegant and which gives it immediate reach in the commercial sector, as an alternative to and alongside, aluminium products.

“We know, however, that that story also resonates with the end-user.

“In combination with the minimalist sightlines and it’s very strong architectural aesthetic, Elegant has very strong end-user appeal, as a low maintenance and ultra-energy efficient, composite window and door system.”

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