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Deceuninck UK processes more than a million linear metres of foiled product in one month

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Deceuninck UK has underlined its position as the UK’s leading supplier of foils and colour by processing more than a million linear metres of foiled product in September.

The systems company has invested significantly in its manufacturing capacity, including a multi-million pound spend on new extrusion lines and an additional Luna R automatic profile lamination machine.

Part of a dedicated, state of the art foiling facility at Deceuninck’s 140,000ft2 facility in Calne, Wiltshire, the latest Luna R machines represents the cutting edge of lamination technology.

Designed to process highly complex profiles and delivering an exceptional quality of finished product, they have further enhanced Deceuninck’s class leading colour offer and its ability to supply more than 30 different colourways from stock.

Demand for colour has increased massively and our customers can benefit from that because we are able to supply them with product ‘off the shelf’,” said Rob McGlennon, Managing Director, Deceuninck UK.

“We operate a similar model to Amazon. Orders are placed remotely, through Deceuninck Online, and as soon as they come in, we are able to access the stock that’s required from our warehouse, so there’s no additional lead time.

And as soon as that has been selected and despatched, orders are automatically raised with our production department to replace the profile that’s been sent out,” continued Rob. “We are replenishing our stock, rather than manufacturing to a just in time model.”

Operating six foiling lines, each dedicated to a specific product type, Deceuninck is also able to supply an additional 20 colours in just 15 working days.

“We know from our research with YouGov that homeowners want colour, but not all installers have been able to take advantage of that because they’ve been increasingly compromised on the price and availability of foils from their supplier,” said Rob.

“For our customers that’s not the case, on average they are selling twice as much colour as their competitors, and for some it represents as much as 60% of their total order volume. It’s proved to be a key driver for growth,” he concluded.

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