News 2020

Deceuninck 22% up in January

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Following a record-breaking 2019, Deceuninck’s January 2020 sales are up 22% year-on-year.

The company says this exceptional start is down to a surge in sales of colour and Deceuninck’s Heritage Flush windows and doors. According to Managing Director Rob McGlennon, these products helps Deceuninck fabricators sell more in the growing premium sector: “The top end of the market is focused on ‘aspirational’ products like heritage flush windows and doors, patio sliders and colour. We give our customers the products and service to grow in this sector and our top 20 customers’ sales are now comfortably over 50% colour.

“We’ve had a storming start to January with sales 22% up on the year before, and we’re confident we’ll have another successful year. Post-Brexit we’re seeing some much-needed political and economic stability which seems to be boosting consumer and business confidence. There are promising signs in commercial and newbuild too, where Deceuninck fabricators are also very strong.

“My advice to fabricators who are worried about their 2020 outlook? Give Deceuninck a call to see how we can give you the products, service and support to sell more!”