News 2018

Deceuninck scores highly in latest independent customer survey

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Deceuninck’s latest annual customer survey shows very high levels of customer satisfaction across the board. The leading systems company achieved particularly strong scores for high quality products that meet the latest industry standards, product availability and on-time deliveries.

The survey recorded customer priorities and satisfaction rates across a broad range of attributes from product, service, technical support to quality of marketing materials. As rated by customers, the top three priorities were product quality, product availability and on-time deliveries, closely followed by customer service support and service quality. Asked to describe Deceuninck, the most common responses were “successful and growing” and “honest and open”.

Deceuninck MD Rob McGlennon comments: “We’re very pleased with the results of this independent survey which shows customers are happy with our products, service, support and deliveries. Customers describe Deceuninck as “successful” and “growing”. That reflects our record-breaking sales this year, based on customers’ own fantastic sales performance in what most people describe as a difficult market.

“It’s good to get such a positive response but the point of the survey is for customers to give us honest feedback, so we can improve our range, support and service, so they can sell more and grow profitably.

“We’ve worked hard to develop #BestInClass products such as Slider24+ and our award-winning Heritage Flush Sash so Deceuninck customers stand out and compete more effectively. They can’t do that if they get late or incomplete deliveries, which is why we’ve invested heavily in logistics and warehousing to keep 26 colourways – including all the trims, cills and ancillaries – in stock for our full Heritage Collection. Customers know what they order will arrive on time in full. They tell us that’s a top priority and we’re delighted to say we’ve recorded near-perfect delivery scores of 99% for the past two months. If you’re not getting this from your current supplier, call me on 07818 383385 to experience the Deceuninck difference.”

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