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Colour sales double at Kestrel

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Colour sales have doubled at Kestrel Windows since moving to Deceuninck. The Chorley-based trade fabricator reports across-the-board growth, and a 100% increase in colour in less than two years thanks to Deceuninck’s range of 26 colourways available from stock.

Director Mark Whittle explains: “Colour was a main driver behind our move to Deceuninck in 2016. We saw it as a growth area and a way of differentiating ourselves from rivals. The move has paid off and now over 50% of our total sales are in colour. We know we can get whatever colour we need from stock at Deceuninck, so when the order comes in from a customer, we’re ready to turn it around.”

Kestrel, which fabricates Deceuninck’s Heritage Window Collection and Slider24 patio door is also seeing strong growth in Deceuninck’s award-winning Flush Sash. Until recently the company dual-sourced but said it was the natural progression to become a Deceuninck-only fabricator.

Mark continues: “Deceuninck is one of the best, especially in terms of product choice and colour. We’re very happy with the product range and service. Deceuninck is a customer-focused innovative company, which is a good fit for our business.”

Deceuninck’s Head of Sales Chris Jones says: “Kestrel is a great success story. Mark and his team quickly recognised the growing trends to flush sashes and colour, and as a result Kestrel is flying high! Deceuninck is fully #ColourEnabled and we’ve invested in manufacturing, logistics and marketing so our customers are #ColourEnabled too and can sell colour with confidence. Our sales, and our major customers’ sales, are over 50% colour now. Colour is growing strongly, and well ahead of the market.”

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