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Deceuninck campaigns against noise with acoustic testing programme

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Deceuninck is the first window systems company in the UK to commit to systematic acoustic testing of its full product range.

The testing, which is being run in partnership with Bluesky Certification and the University of Salford will help Deceuninck fabricators and installers provide solutions to homeowners affected by high levels of external noise.

Rob McGlennon, MD at Deceuninck, says: “Noise is a big and growing problem. In a national survey research by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs found that 48% of the 2,750 people surveyed in England and Wales felt their home life was being spoilt by noise. One in five said it kept them awake at night. Not only that but medical evidence is mounting of the severe effect of prolonged noise has on our health with higher instances of dementia, heart disease and strokes.

“Noise is now a major irritant and harmful factor in our lives but with the right tools and technical information the window industry can reduce noise, and improve the quality of people’s lives in a very big way. That’s why Deceuninck has been investing in what we’re told is the first systematic acoustic testing by a systems company of its full range. Deceuninck has already completed testing of our 2500 and 2800 casement; 2500 and 2800 Tilt & Turn; 5000 Tilt & Turn; and FRW Fully Reversible Window. Certified acoustic data testing of the rest of our range is underway.

“We’re really excited by this chance to make a difference,” adds Rob. “Deceuninck aims to make it simple, quick and easy for fabricators and installers to benefit from this huge opportunity.”

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