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Deceuninck’s SLIDER24 SALES TOP 1000 per month

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The latest results from leading PVC-U systems company Deceuninck, demonstrate the popularity of its innovative Slider24 sliding patio door, as the company reports it is now topping a production run rate of 1000 doors every month.

“It’s not really surprising that we’re making this number considering the benefits Slider24 has to offer,” says Rob McGlennon of Deceuninck. “Along with our window systems, including our prestigious Heritage Window Collection, the Slider24 benefits from 26 colourways from stock. Of course, we offer an almost infinite range of colours, but we keep 26 colours in stock at all times to ensure a fast turnaround. In real terms this means fabricators can turn the product around in less than 14 days, which in turn allows them to steal a march on the competition.

“Gone are the days of stiff, hard to move flimsy patios. Deceuninck’s Slider24 has a robust profile construction with unique internal geometry that is designed to withstand extreme loads and the toughest conditions and is available in 2, 3 & 4 panes. It is also up to three times more effective in bad weather than other leading brands which is driving its popularity in both retail and commercial applications.

“We’re celebrating our 80th anniversary this year and as the Slider24, the Heritage Window Collection and many more of our products show, we remain at the forefront of innovation. We are committed to delivering what the market wants as well as what the market needs and will continue to do this on behalf of our fabricators and their installer customers.”

Contact Chris Jones at Deceuninck on 01249 816969 to find out more about how Deceuninck can help your business grow.