News 2017

Deceuninck UK Exceeds Expectations

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Deceuninck is pleased to announce that its UK sales have exceeded targets, as reported in its bi-annual global review. Managing Director, Rob McGlennon explains: “Deceuninck UK represents a relatively small proportion of Deceuninck’s overall global sales but with the UK window market flat at best this year, Deceuninck UK’s sales have provided the Group with increased sales month on month during 2017 compared with 2016. This growth by and large is coming from our customers, as well as new customers switching to Deceuninck.

“Sales can only grow in a flat market when a meaningful point of difference can be achieved. Deceuninck customers have this in abundance. Our Heritage Window Collection and Slider 24 sliding door continue to provide growth for our customers, as does our unique colour offering of 26 colourways in stock on our profile, ancillaries, trims and cills. Customers have switched to us this year because their previous suppliers simply couldn’t deliver colour quickly enough. With Deceuninck they can and are seeing sales grow as a direct result.

“Deceuninck is a business built on relationships. That means we don’t just assume we know what our customers want and what they’re happy with or, as importantly, unhappy with. We employ an independent agency to ask our customers directly what they think and then we listen and act on what we need to change. We’ll be publishing the results of our most recent customer survey in detail soon but the headlines are that satisfaction levels have remained high for another year and have even improved on the year before. Across the board we are performing well with our highest ratings coming in for products that meet industry standards, on time deliveries, customer service support, products’ appearance and features, product quality and electronic ordering.

“We’re not resting on our laurels, it’s still a tough market we’re all operating in, but it’s great to see our customers reaping the rewards of the truly customer focused approach we take. This joint success also means we can continue to reinvest in the business to not only keep our customers ahead of the competition but also to support their growing businesses.”

Contact Rob McGlennon on 07818 383385 to find out more.