News 2017

Deceuninck is launching its new grey substrate

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As a market leader in coloured profile, Deceuninck is pleased to announce the arrival of its new grey substrate product in the summer of 2017. Already offering 26 colourways from stock, plus countless more on standard lead times, the company is keen to maintain its poll position where colour is concerned.

“The new grey base substrate can also be foiled which gives our customers yet another way to deliver colour in an increasingly colourful market,” says Rob McGlennon of Deceuninck. “Our fabricators tell us we’re number one for colour because not only do we have a wide array of options, we can also deliver quickly thanks to the fact we have invested to keep 26 colourways in stock. However, we’re not a company that likes to sit on our laurels. We will always strive to deliver further improvements, as the launch of this new grey substrate shows.

“Grey continues to be a popular colour choice for end users and our new grey substrate uses RAL 7021 which we think will meet this demand perfectly. For those that would like to see it first-hand we’d be happy to show any interested parties the new product at our facility in Calne.

“Deceuninck is celebrating 80 years in business this year, which is a ringing endorsement for our ongoing innovation, but more importantly delivering innovation where it matters – where it makes a difference to our customers. Colour has become a must-have deliverable that can really set fabricators and installers apart from their competition. That is why we will continue to prioritise the development of our colour offering.”

Contact Carol Hearn at Deceuninck on 01249 816969 to find out more about how Deceuninck can help you switch to a supplier you can trust.